Dec. 09. 2008.
I've got pictures from the You Me and Us and The Independents show last week. It was good. (But then again, it had a bubble machine and my best friend. So I may be biased.)
AND The Childhood Project is kind of up and running. Almost. It's more up than running.
AND there's a Cbox/tagbox/shoutboard on the contact page now. I never check my email.

Dec. 01. 2008.
Photography is back up, and that's about it. Expect a music player in the future! (And more pictures, of course).
Also, I've got a project with Sydnarr ♥ that should be up in the next week. It will be interactive! And worth checking out!


The pretty tree brushes were made by Horhew, from the free pack. Because I'm cheap like that. They work fantastically with Artweaver [also free]. And while I'm plugging, Firefox is rad. My fancy domain name is courtesy of co.nr.